Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Mittens with flaps..? *Pattern*

 Mittens-Fingerless gloves

I am making these for my moms SO John as yet an other christmas gift.

He has fairly large hands so these are sized for a mans large.  My finger just barely pop out of them where the flap folds back.

It can easily be adjusted by swapping for a smaller hook, or by doing the cuff section to fit your wrist, and adjusting the hand section as you go.

Its worked in mostly one piece you will have to make the start of the flap before you start the mit that way when you get to the hand section of R17 you have it ready and do not have to cut the yarn work it and then work back in.  If you want more over lap in the mitten just add an additional row to this piece in sc.  Both hands are worked the same, only row 17 is slightly different on where you place the flap to open the mit.

I am using RedHeart in Camouflage. A size I/9-5.50mm hook, if you want smaller you can easily drop down to a H/G/F hook with out needing to adjust the pattern.

When working in the round I always end with a slip stitch and chain to start the next row, no turning.

Mitten Flap-
Chain 18, in 2nd ch from hook hdc across (16)  Make 2 and set aside till hand row 17


R1-Chain 15 (for smaller cuffs chain less, this just ensures the mits will tuck inside his jack sleeves so his wrists are not cold), sc 14 across.
R2-30- BLO sc all chain turn

Slip stitch the edge of R1 to R30 to form a tube then flip it right side out (so your slst dont show).

R1- Chain one (you should be above the join so working into the side of your rows), sc across (30) Thats one sc in the side of each row.
R2- Inc, sc 6 (you will end with a sc of 7) (34)
R3-7- sc all (34)
R8- sc 15, in the next 4 stitchs increase, sc 15 (38)
R9- sc all
R10- Sc 13, chain 3, sk 12 st, sc 13 (29) You just separated out the thumb section for the mit we will come back to it later
R11-16- sc all
R17 RIGHT Hand- Sc 16, now take one of the mitten flap sections and we will be sc across the top of it for 16 more sc  ending with a slst into the start of the round (32) (this will create your flap so you have a slight over lap on the palm, you will work across that flap section from here on.)
R17 LEFT Hand- Sc 1, then take the mitten flap section and work 16 sc across, skipping over  13 stitches on the glove, sc 16 (this should finish your row)
R18-22- sc all (32)
R23- Sc 4, dec around
R24- sc all
R25- Sc 3, dec
R26-30- sc all
R31- dec, sc 2
R32- slst opening closed by flatting the top and working across.

R1- Attach yarn to the middle of the chain 3 section chain 1 and work 1 sc into the middle stitch you just attached to, decrease, 10 sc, dec, slst to join chain
R2-7- sc all
R8- dec all
R9- flaten the tip and slst across to close it.

From here we need to weave in tailes, and using a foot long lenth, we need to throw a few stitchs into the mitten flap edges to secure them to the mit along the edge to the sc row 16.

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