Pay Patterns

All the money from these patterns will go into helping me rewrite all my free patterns to provide a downloadable version in PDF format, while still remain free.

 Re-writing and making a PDF involves me actively crocheting each item, which will cost me for supplies of yarn, poly fill, poly pellets (when weight is needed), safety eyes/buttons, and any other embellishments needed  for each pattern.  Setting up a photographing space to documenting it as professionally as I can with my current set up (ie white tri-fold board and lights when its not sunny outside) to provide step by step photos, the time it takes to get good shots (which is around 1 in 6) and to edit the shots, sizing, lighting, adding in any markers for directions.  Re-writing out the pattern, typesetting, blocking, laying out the photos into the PDF, and formatting the PDF.

To make a donation via paypal please use the buttons  below, but if they do not work use this email address:

Please in the payment details sent it as a friend this will prevent paypal from taking out a portion of the donation (other wise I only get $0.60 out of every dollar donated).  Please also say what email you want the pattern sent to, and which pattern you would like.  All paid patterns I will provide personal email assistance with if you need any help.

Thank you to everyone who donates for helping me, which will provide better quality free patterns.

Moonkin Pattern
Donation of any amount $1+

Click Here to Donate $1

Price can easily be changed on the paypal page if you wish to donate a different amount.

 Mythical Amigurumi Book
Donation of any amount $1+

Click here to Donate$1
Click here to Donated $5
Inclues patters for-
Chibi Dragon
Chibi Cthulhu
Dragon Scale bag

 BoHo Lily Spiral Vest

Click here to Donate $2.50

This pattern requires a minimum donation of  $2.50 but donations over are always welcome tips!

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